At school in Suzhou:

We had another amazing day at school today. It started with a whole school assembly where we introduced ourselves in Mandarin and were presented with our Young Pioneers scarves. At lunch time we taught students how to play AFL. In the afternoon we went to Pan Gate and did some drawings. For dinner we made delicious dumplings with our home stay families. We can’t wait to see them again on Friday.

12 thoughts on “At school in Suzhou:

  1. We loved watching your video, the dumplings looked delicious!
    The school looks huge, lots of space and people.
    The assembly looks different to ours here at CPS, can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get back.

  2. I’m impressed Bre!
    You trying and liking fish! Squirrel fish!
    Can’t wait for you to make us some of those yummy dumplings!
    Love Mum Xx

  3. Hi Liandra, I can see how you consentrate to do the dumpling right. Hmm looks lovely. Hope you enjoyed it.
    Lots of love. xx

  4. I know this may be a bit late (by about 2 years) but I find it really interesting looking back to when Luke and other rest of them went to China. I went myself when I was in Grade 6 and I loved every moment. I was the first group to go to China so we didnt get to do the homestay sadly but I would have loved to do that. I hope the 2017 group will have as much fun as I did and the 2015 group.

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