Goodbye School:



We have had such an amazing time at school this week and have loved catching up with old friends and make so many new ones. It is sad to say goodbye, but be can’t wait to stay with our home stay families over the weekend and explore Suzhou and all its culture.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye School:

  1. Have a fantastic weekend exploring Suzhou with your families, we’re all looking forward to seeing lots of photos and hearing all the stories. Bella Say hi to Yolanda and her family for us!

  2. Glad you all had a great time at the school and mixing with your new friends. Hope you have a great time in Suzhou Ben staying with your family for the weekend. Take lots of photos. Lots of love from Nanna and Poppa

  3. You must have been nice visitors for the school. Congratulations. We are very proud of you all. We are looking forward to hearing about your home stay weekend activities. Have lots of fun. Lots of love from Pinny and Pop (Mike and Lyn ) Dowling

  4. Great to see the relationships between the sudents of Canterbury and Suzhou. I wonder how many friends each student made while over there. Hope that your all having fun. Only 5 days till your home. Time flies while your having fun.
    Kirsty xoxo
    Ps. Luke, me and my friend Sophiya say hi

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