Panmen Gate:


On Wednesday afternoon we visited Panmen Gate with our homestay students and drew some postcards. Last night we found out that our story, along with a photo of Luke, was on the front page of the Suzhou newspaper!

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  1. Wow, how good is that, on the front page of the Suzhou newspaper, you are all very good ambassadors for Canterbury. Have a wonderful weekend with your host families, can’t wait to hear all about it Maddie. Love you Maddie. Nanny xx

  2. Now that is a memory of a lifetime, I hope we can get a translation of the newspaper article – well done to all. Liandra, have a fantastic homestay weekend and send Linda and her family our best, looking forward to hearing about all the new adventures

  3. Congratulations everyone and especially Luke! How nice to be International ambassadors. You are clearly making a wonderful impression.
    Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and your teachers can relax a bit too!
    Nick: Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to Eric and his family. Take loads of photos and enjoy. Lots of love Mum & Dad. X

  4. That’s wonderful. You are all famous!
    Have a fabulous weekend Charlotte. If you can, your dance teacher wants to confirm that you are happy if she gets you a Jessie costume for your dance performance?
    Love mum, dad and Eleanor xxx (and oscar, rosie, winston, dragon, dragon’s babies, butchie and kel)

  5. Luke you do not know how proud I am to be your sister. I hope that you bring that newspaper home so we can all see it. I am so proud of you luke. Miss you dearly. Only 8 minutes till the holidays for me and you just made my day
    All my love,
    Kirsty xoxo

  6. Enjoy your stay with your families everyone.

    Say a big hello to Xiaohan from us all and have fun Bear Xx Sophie Max Edward and Tickles and Dino

  7. You have all had a great week on your exciting trip.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your host family Nicholas.
    Gran & poppa.

  8. Hi Luke,
    Congratulations, all the family over here can’t wait to see the newspaper. I will get one of the Dr’s at work to translate it for me when you get home. We hope you have a great stay with Jason and his family, can’t wait to hear all your stories. Not long now and you’ll be home. Holidays never last long enough and l’m sure your all having a great time. Love the Photos, keep them coming.
    Love to you Luke from all the Family.
    Mum & Dad xxxx

  9. What great photos . Fancy being in the newspaper! You all are making us very proud. And it must be exciting for the school to have such wonderful visitors from Australia. Lots of love from Lyn and Mike Dowling ( Pinny and Pop )

  10. It is so lovey to be able to see the photos/videos and read the stories of your adventures! Really looking forward to hearing about your weekend with your billet families. Mathilde – make sure you bring home the recipe for the dumplings you were making! All our love, Mummy Daddy, William and Oliver (who has not been going into your room at all!). xxxxx

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