Weekly recap:




Over the last week we have had so many wonderful experiences at school, including making masks, learning about the Suzhou Opera and taking part in arts lessons. We look forward to sharing all our new creative ideas with CPS and our families.

6 thoughts on “Weekly recap:

  1. Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful week in Suzhou. You will be very much missed by all the students at school not to mention your host families. Onwards to Beijing! Enjoy the bullet train!

  2. Wow you must have all had a blast so far. You will be missed by all the students in Suzhou. Now a whole new part of China will shine, well not really but it will be different and you will all have different experiences. Have fun. Not long to go till your all back in melbourne
    Kirsty 🙂

  3. Hi Bells. What a great trip you are all having. I can’t wait to hear about your homestay – what their houses are like, the meals you ate and the things you did. Keep having fun. Meg

  4. Hi Fredrik (and school friends), we have loved reading about your trip, it is a long time since Nana was in China so look forward to you sharing with us, all the wonderful things you have done. Enjoy the last few days. Love Nana and Graham

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