All Aboard The Fast Train:


We have had the best weekend ever with our home stay families! This morning we had to say goodbye and are now on board the fast train to Beijing. The trip will take about 6 hours and the train goes as fast at 300km an hour.

7 thoughts on “All Aboard The Fast Train:

  1. Hope you see all the amazing sights to tell us about, bring lots of postcards and pamphlets so you can remember the details. We both miss you stax and are so excited to hear about your adventures, Liefies jou baie xxxx

  2. This smiling band of travellers look as fresh and excited as when they left Tullamarine airport long ago. Enjoy this wonderful last leg of your magnificent experience. Nick, love the hat! Can’t wait to hear the latest news. Love, Dad and Mum X

  3. You’re all looking tired, looks like you all had a great time with your host families. Not long now till your all home and we can’t wait to hear all your stories and look at your photos. Our Love to Luke. Enjoy the rest of your trip because before you know it you’ll be home.
    Trudy, Rob & Kirsty

  4. Wow you guys look like you have all had fun over the past 7-8 days. I think you will all love the Peking Duck dinner as much as I did. I just know that you will all enjoy seeing the Great Wall and passing the Market on the way to the cable cars…if your going up on the cable cars anyway. Have fun Luke and we will see you all when you get back.
    Kirsty and Winston

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