Beijing: Day 1

Here we are in the capital city of China! We’ve arrived in Beijing last night. Looking forward to a very exciting day ahead: Summer Palace and the Great Wall of China. We will also finish the day with Peking duck dinner.

13 thoughts on “Beijing: Day 1

  1. Ooo that sounds fun. Enjoy yourselves at the Great wall, the Summer Palace and the Peking Duck dinner. For me my favourite part of the whole thing was visiting the Summer Palace. Not long to go before you all get back. Remember Luke have fun and enjoy yourself cause you wont have a chance like this for a while. Live it while it lasts. Lots of love
    Kirsty and Winston
    PS. Mum and dad also send their love. Miss you heaps buddy

  2. Glad to see that there are still plenty of smiles after such a busy period. Enjoy all the new sights. Can’t wait for the full story when you get home. See you on Thursday Liandra. Love Dad.

  3. The last leg of your amazing trip to China !
    Make the most of it guys ,cos all to soon it’s over!

    What a wonderful journey you’ve all had so far.
    Enjoy Beijing to the fullest !
    Marie x

  4. Not sure about the AFL coverage in Beijing so let me fill in all the Hawks fans – I know there are a few….they thrashed the Crows and are now set to play Fremantle on Friday for a spot in the GF. Go Hawks!

  5. This trip just gets better day by day. Enjoy Beijing and all it has to offer. You guys will be expert travellers after this experience. Have Fun!

  6. Wow Liandra, what a busy time and to see the Great Wall.
    That is so unbelievable. Enjoy. You’ll be home soon.
    Lots of love. xx

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